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Broome: A small town where there is always something going on!

I stayed 2 weeks in Broome with Kay and Stefan after the departure of Ewan, Sophie, Caroline, Sarah and 3 news guys to go up to Darwin. Here is my point of view about this town: Broome isn’t the biggest town of Australia. Indeed there is only 18 000 inhabitants and the town is very […]


Road Trip Perth-Broome 3: The second nicest Australian NP

Good things are always come to end… We are in Cape Rage National Park from the morning, to Mesa campsite. This place is a true desert where each drop of water counts more than usual. It’s only the morning and we can’t stay under the sun! We spend our first day to Lakeside where we […]

Road Trip Perth-Broome 2: The beginning of the best part!

After a second night in my tent, I wake up under a grey sky. It’s only 7:25 and the other are still sleeping. Yesterday, Ewan suggested us to wake up early to go fishing, but in fact, he stayed in bed. After a strong breakfast, we jump in cars and drive 27 km inside the […]

Road Trip Perth-Broome 1: Perth to Kalbarri

The adventure starts! An expedition like that can’t be told straight! So I decided to cut our road trip in 3 episodes to share more with you. After our beach to Cervantes, we go with Uwan’s 4WD to explore the Pinnacles desert by night. It was really amazing to see this place under the sunset. […]