Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Broome: A small town where there is always something going on!

I stayed 2 weeks in Broome with Kay and Stefan after the departure of Ewan, Sophie, Caroline, Sarah and 3 news guys to go up to Darwin. Here is my point of view about this town:


Broome isn’t the biggest town of Australia. Indeed there is only 18 000 inhabitants and the town is very spread out (we needed more than 4 5 hours to go and return from the City center to the port). But just after the Wet season, everything changes in Broome. In April a big flow of backpackers start to come and the population doubles. Some fishing boats are looking for young men to complete their crew to go on the sea for 2 to 6 weeks, sometimes up to 8. Prawning, Pearling, Fishing you will have the choice. This year the wet season was really quiet and the sea market doesn’t expect a huge turnover like last year. Meanwhile you can easily find a job in town: Car washer, gardener, cashier and earn easy money (I was paid: $ 20h to give a hand two times with Stefan).

The weather is really warm often without wind. Sometimes it was hard to go outside for shopping at Coles because we couldn’t breathe. You have to wait the night to do something. And you have good things to do!


2 days after the full moon, you might see the stair case to the moon. It’s a “Moonrise” than you can see from Town Beach. We saw it Sunday, the 28th of April with Kay and Stefan. It was fantastic to see the moon slowly going up in the starry sky. But the first part of the show is more wonderful with a weak orange halo becoming stronger and stronger just before to see the top of the moon. We were stunned but unfortunately it’s hard to get a great picture with every detail.

Just after this event, Stefan proposed that we hitch hike back to the hostel. I’ve never done that before and I was excited to try!


After 10 minutes with the thumb up a car picked up us and we escaped a long 30 minute walk. We appreciated it a lot, especially Kay who hasn’t long legs!


On Thursday night, you have the wet T-shirt competition in a club in Chinatown. Girls can go on the stage to dance with their t-shirt completely wet (most of the time without their t-shirt) and the winner earns $ 500 cash! It’s a good time for girls and boys too!

On Saturday Night, you must (yes YOU MUST!) go to Cable beach. All the backpackers are there having a huge party on the sand, with a big fire and a DJ with his turntables on milk crates, with a generator for electricity and 2 speakers… It’s like a small spring break every Saturday! True story.



Saturday and Sunday you can go on the market but this one is not really exceptional, not for me anyway.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, just as the road trip did. Kay left on Wednesday with a lift to Darwin and Stefan found a job on a fishing boat.

I decided to leave the town and try hitch-hiking alone to Darwin! This is gonna be terrifying and awesome!