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Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Road Trip Perth-Broome 3: The second nicest Australian NP

Good things are always come to end…


We are in Cape Rage National Park from the morning, to Mesa campsite. This place is a true desert where each drop of water counts more than usual. It’s only the morning and we can’t stay under the sun!

hermit-crabWe spend our first day to Lakeside where we saw lots of stingrays, a turtle, some octopus and wired fishes. Lee was wired as well and we decided to leave him to Exmouth after Cape Range. The evening, Lee and Ewan tried to fish under the sunset without success again. 40$ of baits and a new fishing line for nothing! But we saw many mud crabs.

The second day, we were to Mauricius beach, a naked beach! This is a part of a Australian road trip my friends! It’s a kind of tradition we followed through this entire trip!


The afternoon we go back to Exmouth to do some shopping and leave Lee at the same time.  Stefan tells him: “I don’t like you; I don’t want you in the car.” Firstly, he was agree but 3 minutes later after the visitor centre, he punched Stefan in his face who has down his protection, chocked by what’s is going on. The cop came, took the name of Lee to register him as violent and Lee gone outside the city. It was painful for Stefan who couldn’t charge him  because he couldn’t stay in Exmouth a couple of month as he’s travelling.

After have bought some medicine, we take the road to go to Tom Price and The Karijini National Park.


Amazing Waneo Gorges!


Before Tom Price, there is Paraburdoo, a “town” in the middle of nowhere only built for the miners. The road was really beautiful with some hills first and some mounts higher and higher. I was really happy to see something in 3 dimensions because until there, everything was flat! The bush let its place for trees as well. I was feeling in the Pyrenees again.

broken-carWe spent 4 and half days in Tom Price and Karijini after a problem on Sophie’s car and to change a wheel bearing on Ewan’s Car. The first day we took two new hitch-hikers: Caroline and Sarah , two Danish girls who want to go to Darwin as Elena, Sophie and Ewan.


backpackers-portraitElena had to take a plane in Darwin in 10 days. So we decided to go as straight as possible to Broome, with only one stop in a campsite near to Port Hedland.

We stay all together 3 days in Broome and then the family splited in 2 parts.

After 17 days all together, we know we are friend for life!


WTOE: Road Trip Perth-Broome 2013: Exmouth to Broome (Ep 3/3)


Thank you for this amazing adventure !

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