Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Road Trip Perth-Broome 1: Perth to Kalbarri

The adventure starts!

An expedition like that can’t be told straight! So I decided to cut our road trip in 3 episodes to share more with you.

After our beach to Cervantes, we go with Uwan’s 4WD to explore the Pinnacles desert by night. It was really amazing to see this place under the sunset. This one let appear a green band between the yellow and the blue colours. It was wonderful!

We left Cervantes Tuesday afternoon, close to 01:00 pm to go to Geralton. Indeed, we woke up without stress around 10:00 am. The rhythm is printed: to go up to Broome, it won’t be a race. Good on ya!


After shopping and refill the tank, we go in the direction of the campsite (free of course) to enjoy a delicious fish and some lobster tails cook on the Barbecue. Oh yes, I didn’t tell you: Uwan is a chief!


The day after, we go back early to Geralton to discover its prison (the second oldest Australian jail after Freemantle). Inside, the handymen show their creation from the cells. I wouldn’t take their place!  Then we go to the museum. This one is really beautiful. I really liked the room at the shipwrecks gallery and the exposition about Antarctica. I want to go other there when I will be in Patagonia.

After one hour of culture and history, it was the time to chill out on the beach. There we played with the shore break waves and with Stefan, we started Acrobatic Yoga. He discovered that we he was in California during a trip. After 2-3 attempts, I start to find my balance. The goal during this road trip: do the entire program! After a couple of hours, we split the group. Kay and Elena went to the Memorial for the WWII and Sophie, Stefan, Uwan and me went to the Art Gallery. It was my first time and I was really impressed!


At the end of the afternoon, we go to Kalbarri and set up our campsite. To go to the campsite, we drive on a red and dusty off road. The 4WD should be useful during this road trip! It’s only the day after that we go to Kalbarri to see Island Rock, Eagle Bay and Rainbow Valley.

We lunch close to Red Cliff, watching the crabs run on the red sand to dive in the sea. At the background, there are huge waves, may be 4 meters high. We are stunned by the beauty of the spot. Once time the bellyful, we spend our afternoon in Kalbarri city between river, yoga and fishing. Only one problem: the fishing line is really weak and all the fishes leave with ours grey praws and ours hooks… except one but it was too small. Disappointed, we go to the public showers before to go to a new camp site, close to the entry of the National Park.

WTOE: Road Trip Perth Broome 2013: Perth to Kalbarri (Episode 1/3)


Next Friday, continue with us this road trip untill Exmouth!

Prepare yoursleves to be stunned!