Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Hammock with mosquito net



I like sleep in a hamac. I recon I’ve always known them. The first one I saw was more than 10 years ago when I was scoot. The oldest of our band built one himself with around 20 cords linked together by lots of knots. I was fascinated to see a way to sleep snugly between two trees with something whose weights almost nothing!

After this guy, it was my dad who bought one. After few years under the dust in the attic, it found a place in my tree house to sleep the afternoon or even during a warm summer night.
However this solution is few considered by travellers, a tent and a mattress being more popular. Although a hamac has many advantages when it is well thought!

In fact: During my last Road trip between Perth and Broome, I slept in 14 nights for 17 days, my tent taking its place only when I couldn’t fix my hamac or because I missed to set up it.

The hamac I use from 4 years is made with skydiving material on which is sewed a mosquito net. You go inside thanks to a zip.


Wheight: Hamac/Riggings/ Snap Hooks: 1kilo
Take less space that a tent and released it (no mattress)
Comfort and mosquito net
Fast to Set up/Down
No condensation
You can see the night sky until to sleep
Slow rocking movement


You must have 2 attach points
You need a little bit technic to go inside when you already are in your sleeping bag
Limited movements
The air goes under your back and you can feel cold if your sleeping bag isn’t thick or a good quality
You are the first to see the sunrise
When it’s raining you need a roof!



Sleeping in a hamac is adviced in dry and warm country. However there are some points for a wider use:



_To prevent the wear and tear of the rigging (friction on the trees or other materials to set up the hamac), I put these one into an air chamber.

_A tarp fixed along its diagonal, 40 cm over the hamac provide you a roof, protect you against the rain and the wind and keep the body warm at the same time. But there will be condensation under the tarp.

_If you want bring your hamac in countries where the nights are cold, you can sew a laid under it but your hamac will be heavier and the gain of warm is weak. A thicker sleeping bag is a better solution.




I hope help with this article. If you wish share your experience with me and original way to sleep , it ill be with a great pleasure!