Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Best bar in North Perth: The Classroom Bar

As all tuesday night for 4 months in Perth (except only 4 may be) I was to the Hip-e Club in Leederville. This place is really good during the summer up to February but now in fall, it’s often empty.

I was with CJ and Pravin as usual to “take a drink”. At the beginning of the night I suggested them to discover a new small bar as the Wolf Lane Bar or the Lost Society close to Murray and Hay street. Unfortunatly both of them have closed earlier because there was nobody in the streets, except us! So, after 2 shots of Chartreuse at the Hip-e (I would take something different than Patron Tequila as my dear friends ^^) , the night was becoming good.

Later we found Andrew, one of the Bartender at the Deen club (He’s really good for flairing with everything you want!). He came to finish his shift in North Perth on Charles Street in a small bar which calls The Classroom. Andrew told me he worked other there between 3 to 5 times a week and that’s a nice small bar where he had the possibility to practice flairing.


By curiosity and to extand my knowledge of Perth and its small bars, I decided to come to see him at work Wednesday night. I was really surprised in the right sense! The ClassRoom will bring back you in a familiar environment where you will find all school furnitures, chidren’s drawing, a blackboard, schelves with beautiful books.

The most wonderful area is the small room directly on your right when you through the door. It’s a beautiful library, with old map of the world and globes. The subdued light reinforces the beauty of this place where  you will apreciate a cocktail and a book in an comfortable couch.



About the bar, the bartenders should have been bad boys at school…by hiding spirits in their locker!

Regarding the cocktails, you can’t be disappointed such a lot they are creatives and funny. Choose a theme between History, Art or Science to find the cocktail which looks like you! All the descriptions about them are in a small child binder.


Finally, every details are thought out to take you back to school… and this time you will appreciate to comeback !