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Truth about traveling on your own

Now I stay in Perth for 3 months. My blog activity has really reduced. Therefore I didn’t do exceptional things or something new which warranted an article. About that, you were able to follow my low activity on Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, I realized many things during these 3 months. First of all, the steps […]

Perth Before Christmas

When I leaved my work Friday night, I was directly in a small christmas night walk and I was surrounded by music. People dressed up at this occasion and wear on their head green or red antlers, and the most daring wear a full fancy dress. Therefore to 09:00 pm, all is over (it was […]


Rottnest Island

Papers sorted out! Well, I’m in Perth for one week now. After some days a few hard (my first night was on a sofa because I did a mistake) and to recover from jet lag, all is ok. I’ve opened an account to the Westpac bank which has a partnership with BNP Paribas bank. I […]