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Only One 35L backpack for six months: How to make it possible?

. I started to travel 14 months ago from Perth in Australia. Along my way, I’m always trying to push myself until I find what fulfills me with happiness. All these challenges gave me the opportunity to get closer to my personality and my inner voice. My instinct, sense of perception and energy provided me […]

New Zealand: a specific website for this adventure

Visit my website about New Zealand for a deeper immersion Now my way of travel makes things harder to blog. I live completely each day of my trip and as a consequence I have only a few hours every night to spend on my ultrabook for blogging. I live many amazing things but every night […]

Jindabyne: Mountain Bike Spirit

Après 3 jours d’auto-stop, je suis arrivé à Jindabyne. Ce village est juste charmant avec son énorme lac entouré par les collines. A cette période de l’année, il n’y a pas beaucoup de monde, c’est un fait. Mais j’ai rencontré la crème des crèmes. Ici à Jindy, ils se préoccupent les uns des autres. Quand […]