Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Why World Tour Outdoor Experience?

profile pictureWorld Tour Outdoor Experience helped me to become who I am today. Here is a short story about its creation and its purpose. I hope this story will inspire you to trust who you are and what you are capable of.


Fear of the Future

At the end of my Master Degree in Sport Engineering, I wasn’t ready for the professional world. Even though I was brilliant during my studies I was narrow minded, could only speak my mother-tongue and I had no clue about who I was. I knew I wanted to develop outdoor sport products as R&D Engineer but it is hard to reach such position without meeting the right people or without doing the right internship. All of us face this reality soon or later. Some are prepared, some others like me are not.

I had the chance meeting great people during my Master degree internship: Andy Gugenheimer (AG SPORT Group) and Iker Aguirre. Both realized my potential and my weaknesses and they gave me the boost I needed to become aware of my potential. They pushed me to travel in foreign countries to become fluent in English and eventually another language without any time restriction as I finished my studies.

At the end of my student life, I didn’t have any loans or debts that could have reduced my choices. Most of my university friends travelled a lot. All of them recommended me to get my travel experience in Australia as it is a safe and wealthy country where backpacking is highly developed. At this time I didn’t even have a passport and I never took any plane in my life. Australia was a huge step forward for me.

The Purpose of World Tour Outdoor Experience

being free

I created World Tour Outdoor Experience in June 2012 with two ideas in mind: Testing outdoor sport products in the countries I wanted to explore and sharing my adventures in French and English with my relatives and my growing community.

I contacted my local newspaper to share the aim of my project as well as companies to find a partnership agreement between the equipment I needed and their visibility on my blog. At first I wanted to create partnership with big companies, but I was too small to get their attention. However startups like DrawYourLine (Lifestyle brand) was interested about who I was and my project.

My first six months blogging weren’t the most exiting ones: How to get a French Passeport, How to get your International Driving Licence, How to get a Visa, How to get a job in Australia, … Those steps were here to get use to blogging and to reinforce my self-confidence.

It’s only when I started my Outdoor Experiences that I caught people interest. I got sponsored by AG Sport Bags (My Utility Bag now), I got a huge bargain with a Mountain Bike Shop in Jindabyne (Sacred Ride) to travel in New Zealand and Tasmania with a high-end Mountain Bike and every year for the last 4 years I write Hiking Topo for a national contest that rewards me with outdoor sport equipment that I put to test.

The first time I felt Free and Limitless

australian-west-coast_roadtrip-team After 4 1/2 months working and trying to thrive in Perth, I finally discovered what “Traveling” meant. With Sophie, Uwan, Stefan, Kay and Elena we travelled from Perth to Broome for 3 weeks along the Australian West Coast. All of us were from a different country (United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany and France) and aged between 17 and 30 years old. This was the first time I felt free and infinite. Everything became possible if we only dreamt about it. I became the key of my future and more responsible about my choices.

You can only reach this state of mind if you travel outside your comfort zone, without depending on someone with a stronger personality or with better skills than yours. You must face yourself and change what you don’t like about you!

julien-diot_fishermanI could see my future on a professional and personal aspect as soon as my goal was set. This new ability allowed me to work on a fisherman boat for 2 weeks, to become a farmer for 3 months or even to translate document from English to French for a year! Between these jobs I traveled by mountain bike in the South Island of New Zealand and in Tasmania for 3 months without any plans, knocking on local’s door at the end of each day to share my stories with them in exchange of a place to sleep at night. I never felt so alive in my life!

This was also possible because I didn’t have a lot of belongings, so it was easy to move on or to change plans. A new goal appeared in mind: being able to adapt to any kind of situation. The more you possess, the more you get stuck in your life decisions. The comfort you claim is a golden jail and vulnerability becomes a powerful strength.


Trusting Human Beings you don’t know anything about is not natural. But when you travel you spend your time with so many different people you become more aware of danger and somehow a sixth sense protects you from people with bad intentions. This sixth sense must be used with the power to say NO to someone because you know who you are and what you want. If someone decides for you, you become his prey.

Where am I in my life today?

When I came back from Costa Rica I moved to Chamonix Mont-Blanc in France and I created the brand AmbitionOutdoor to develop my own equipment. The purpose of this brand is to develop outdoor sport products that reinforce the ease of use between sport enthusiasts and their equipment as well as reduce the waist of time and energy.

My first project was to design a new kind of van layout focused on my outdoor sport activities that doesn’t limit the available space inside my van for a single purpose, but still offers a decent comfort with several accessories related to my outdoor sport activities. The design of my van layout is now definitive and works perfectly.

Beside, I’m following a formation to become a Mountain Guide. It will make it more easy to communicate about my products while travelling around the world! Once I’ll become a Mountain Guide,  I will consider developing my own backpack as well as camping gears from my years of experience.

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