What jobs for a Globetrotter?

Whn you travel, two things are important to know:

which will be the season?

What are your skills?

The season is important because all seasons are not favourable to find a job. That ‘s one of mistake I did by landing a little bit late in Australia, some days before the summer time.




Indeed, the best moment is to arrive in Australia between August and middle of October to look for a job. During this time, the employers accept to give you a job and they teach you the job before the summer time. When the summer starts, the employers are only looking for people who has already an experience and who knows the job. As I was in this case, I hadn’t find a job in the restaurant industry.

Also if you haven’t experience but you’ve come at the right, you can ask to work for free to learn the basics of the job for few days and in most cases, the employer give you the job because you seem like very motivate.

Finaly, my last experiences as summer camp coordinator, lifeguard or my work into agency couldn’t help me in the town. These are skills too specific. Quickly I need to develop new skills adapted to the city.

Currently, I’m painter but is not a great job to make money.

I think the best option is to become Bartender.

Indeed, I belive that this job is perfect for a globetrotter who works each two months. Why?
Simply because it’s an international job which help you everytime, you share easily with people who surrounded you and it’s the place where you can obtain lot of informations that can help you about your project.

Thanks to Islem, the house owner and my housemate at the same time, I’m learning  the “tricks of the trade” which isn’t  easy I thank.

On the other side, my sportive skills will become useful. I will post an ad on Gumtree as Personal trainer, due to my experience in physical preparation and mental/positive reinforcement.



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