Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

The real adventure starts soon!

I have a job, a houseshare with an english couple really friendly  and a bike. Now I can focus on my project. For the 2 next months I will have a casual life: Work, Eat, Sleep with some parties in city. It cannot be easy to do better with a busy work planning (48 to 54 h/ weekly!)

My English isn’t excellent but I can communicate regardless the topic. Good Point! I want to stay until beginning of February in Perth. For this time, I could prepare the trip present above without stay too long in this city!

How and When realize this trip?

As all new things, this trip requests a preparation time in its achievement and to fix some goals to be achieve . Thanks to Sébastien, my “own” travel agent, I will be able to see all wonderful things that Australia can give us and the most important, at the good season! He advices me to start from April, month which be convenient for me to do the Fruit Picking from February to April and renew my Visa for one year.

Its experience about Australia could help me for my project. Therefore I don’t want to book a trip and follow a movement as a tourist without draw my own line. In this way, I would like to use only the rideshare to travel.

Travel Experience

I suggested to Sébastien a project which bring us solutions about ours needs. He has needed to communicate about its business Azimuth Travel Australia and I’ve needed to discover Australia in my way and share this adventure with people I cross on my line.

A simply-minded idea appeared: succeed to book as many as possible trips with his partners without use their logistic to move. In other words, I travel in parallel of tourists’ stream while using rideshare to meet new people and may be in certain situation my own equipment.

Benefits: Live his trip in an incredible way of travelling with people who accepts to drive me and to have a big promotion on trips I can book at time for the car driver and me!