Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Les Alpes vues du ciel

Here is again an Arte production which amazes me over my lunch time!

With the documentary composed of 15 episodes, “The Alps from the sky”  you gonna discover the most important mountains in Europe. You will meet ways of life and jobs as interesting than surprising which they will warm your heart or will make you shiver because of commitment!

In the Austria and Switzerland’s mountains, the lifestyle still seems sustainable. Each person takes the time to do things right and to fully enjoy  the chance to live in landscape as wonderful than harsh climate.

Episode 1

[youtube_video id=6BzmZx-3Abo]

Episode 2

[youtube_video id=NEAmOrNFOA4]

Episode 3

[youtube_video id=ttFIrSS65Ko]

Episode 4

[youtube_video id=yN0VJQhbb2o]

Episode 5

[youtube_video id=eqVG0uPieS4]

Episode 6

[youtube_video id=vyHNs1Ommxk]

Episode 7

[youtube_video id=6-UW1WfX1qg]

Episode 8

[youtube_video id=gbNpLA_VirA]

Episode 9

[youtube_video id=vXwk54DRKBQ]

Episode 10

[youtube_video id=3c0SpASWA6E]

Episode 11

[youtube_video id=EvSX3iJaLUQ]

Episode 12

[youtube_video id=cWomSAud3iY]

Episode 13

[youtube_video id=DzPDVZpmzqA]

Episode 14

[youtube_video id=7mQFzlEyLYA]

Episode 15

[youtube_video id=PR26IIXiNZQ]