Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Le déménagement



Now that’s three years I’m living in Bayonne. Three years with meeting, sharing and memories.

The day of clearing house comes ever more quickly. Nostalgia appears when you remove one by one the pictures of sunrise, this evening with your friends, this trip with them, postal cards from everywhere…

Also we regret the excessive use of Patafix! It has taken 2 episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and 3 episodes of “How I met Your Mother”  to remove any residu…

The number of box increases and we ask ourselves if all of them will be able to put in our car.

It is wired to discover my flat completly naked without posters, calendar or pictures which sum up my life over these three years with my friends. And you take a beating! This moment looks like the first day in your flat. We feel uncomfortable because our house has lost our personality.

However I don’t go far away. Indeed a friend lets me his flat in Bayonne during he’s living to Dijon until the end of October. But I won’t be at home.

It’s wind of change, it’s time to take an other road which will drive me on an unknow track.

All my life will be able to hold in my backpack.

Yes, I won’t have a car or all of things which make life easier. And it’s good choice because as we all know, the less the better.

Lose a part of autonomy to win a part of liberty. Taking the time to live, running solves nothing.