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I’m done with paperworks: I have my 417 Visa!

This time it’s good, I’ve all documents to go to Australia. The Australian Working Holiday It is easier to get this Australian Working Holiday Visa. You go here and you choose between Subclass 417 or Subclass 462. . . The first is for applicants as me who come from countries which participating in Working Holiday […]

Irun: Las Penas de Haya

Las Peñas de Haya is a mountain in Spain in the Irun’s suburbs. The french noun about this mountain is translate by “les trois couronnes”. These three summits are: Irumugarrieta, 806 m Txurrumurru, 827 m Erroilbide, 837 m The mountain ridge is the border of  “La Peña de Haya”  Natural Park or in Basque “Aiako […]

Aspe and Baretous valley

These two valleys are  simply a paradise for Enduro mountain bike. This mixture of valleys, colors and summits go perfectly together with the summertime and the coolness of altitude, when the temperature in other region exceed 30 °C in the shade. You will say me: “It’s wrong, the mountain bike paradise in France is in […]

The Rhune

. The Rhune mountain towers to 905 meters. It’s the famous peak in French Basque country. At its summit your vision will run from The Navarre ( spain basque region) to the Estacade of Capbreton built under Napoleon IIIrd  in 1858. . Different ways allow you to go at the summit: Taking the  Little Train of […]

Forum Australia-Australie

This forum is a bible for all backpackers who want to go in Australia. You can find all informations that you search and also jobs, discounts, good ideas and good ways of travelling, … Currently I consult it about Working Holiday Visa to apply for it. I begin to use my time on this forum […]