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All the documents you need when you plan to travel abroad.

I’m done with paperworks: I have my 417 Visa!

This time it’s good, I’ve all documents to go to Australia. The Australian Working Holiday It is easier to get this Australian Working Holiday Visa. You go here and you choose between Subclass 417 or Subclass 462. . . The first is for applicants as me who come from countries which participating in Working Holiday […]

Forum Australia-Australie

This forum is a bible for all backpackers who want to go in Australia. You can find all informations that you search and also jobs, discounts, good ideas and good ways of travelling, … Currently I consult it about Working Holiday Visa to apply for it. I begin to use my time on this forum […]

J’ai mon billet d’avion

As I mentioned Tuesday, I chose Singapore Arlines company. After comparing plane tickets on Opodo, it’s one of low cost companies. I’ve watched many testimonials about it and many people was satisfied. So I decided to take a flight from Paris (France) to Perth (Australia). . At first, I thought that take my plane from […]

I’ve got my International Driving Licence!

When you travel the world, you can’t take only your driver’s licence if you want drive nearly anywhere. Indeed it’s only allowed in countries which have sign the Vienna convention of Road Traffic. You must ask to your prefecture to do a international driver’s licence. This administrative procedure is easy and rapid. You must give […]

I’ve got my Passport!

Good news! Yesterday, I’ve received my passport! “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” St. Augustine After reading a long page about France, I’m going to write my own page about Australia… To ask your passport at your town council, you must give some documentary evidence: a proof […]