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Backpack Oesprey Aether 60L

This is the backpack I use during my trip in Australia. However, I didn’t really have the opportunity to carry it more than an hour because I was mainly on the road as passenger/driver inside a car or a van, in cities and never in the bush for a few days. Since I’m in the […]

Djiru NP: Meeting with a Cassowary

Sunday afternoon we reached Mission Beach after our testimonials about Big 4 Atherton Woodlands Cabine and Van Park. Mission Beach is nice but i’m already bored because I’m not in the mountains anymore. After a huge  fire pit on the beach under an amazing starry sky , I decide to go back to the villa […]

Irun: Las Penas de Haya

Las Peñas de Haya is a mountain in Spain in the Irun’s suburbs. The french noun about this mountain is translate by “les trois couronnes”. These three summits are: Irumugarrieta, 806 m Txurrumurru, 827 m Erroilbide, 837 m The mountain ridge is the border of  “La Peña de Haya”  Natural Park or in Basque “Aiako […]