Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Pourquoi est ce que je souhaite commencer par l’Australie?


My first idea

Originally, I wanted to do a world tour for 1 year thanks to a Round the world ticket. This is the best solution to do one when we haven’t much time. The cost is around 2000€ and it enables to do every continents. You have 1 year to take all flights and it’s possible to change dates.

However be carefull and travel in the same direction ( East to West or West to East). Comebacks are expensive.

All of these informations come from the blog of François & Silvain.

Withal, you can’t stay long enough to see everything in each country. May be it’s to hard to establish a friendship link with local people. Moreover you will need enough money to do it because you won’t be able to work everywhere.

Green-Card_Visa-USAFor example, you won’t be able to work in North America (Canada, Alaska, USA) without a green card. Otherwise find an american wife!

Watch out to the green card lottery. Many hackers use these words to scam people. But this lottery does exist and “Each year, around 50,000 immigrant visas are made available through the Diversity Visa (DV) program“.

(Source: Wikipedia: Permanent residence (United States)_Green Card Lottery)

After thought, that’s not the best solution because I have plenty of time and I want to work to make money.

Why do I begin my travel by Australia?

Picture-from-Sebastien-Bigot-PhotographyAustralia is an attractive country. All my friends who have been there cameback enchanted. May be the reason is that I live in the birthplace of european surf culture and many of my friends go surfing!

The nature is more present thanks to rain forest. Kangaroos, cockatoos, BIG SNAKES, SPIDERS, …!

Australia is surrounded by many islands which are really diffrents from each other: New Zeland, New Caledonia, Indonesia and many others.


In Australia people are friendly, they help each other. Moreover it’s easy to find a well-paid job although life is expensive whit the help to Working Holiday Visa. For French people, there isn’t quota.

It’s the only Visa that you can get online very easily. In 2012, its cost is $ 280. However you have some conditions to fulfil.

So, I’ve decided to take only one way ticket and to use my working holiday visa to make money and cut corners and continue my travel with these.

You will have a better vision of it once I will be over there!