Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

How far to adapt?

You saw it, I’ve got some difficulties to find a job. My english wasn’t the main reason. It was hard because I’ve tried to get a job WITHOUT LIE and WITHOUT HIDE THE REALITY.

lieBut defend this values in Perth as a Globetrotter isn’t easier. Who wants hire someone for only 2-3 months, without a previous professional experience, even for minor jobs such as waiter or dishwasher?

When you met finally an employer who accepts to hear you with your unique project, than you saw him 2 or 3 times before to get a trial, you discover a way of work really messy. Even without any  experience someone who uses reason could change that! It’s talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

The reason is simple: if you earn lot of money with your business why change its management? The two restaurants where I’ve got a trial followed this way. A friend told me it’s the same way in many restaurants, even his own.

I don’t think it’s a professional and serious behaviour for customers to see 3 waiters/tress ask the sames questions one after another. With an efficient organization, you could rise up your turnover, increase your venue capacity and your notoriety.

Here, three fourth of travellers lie, create a false Resume and say to stay 8 months before to leave their job after only 2 for “personal reason”. But if you don’t cast in the mold to pass the first cap, your chances to get a job are strongly reduced. Employers are aften too busy to make a diffrence between true and lies.

Anyway, I believe in my values and I want support them. May be it’s stupid in a world where the main part lies (as my friend told me) but if I need to lie from the begining of my trip around the world, I should stay in France.

Now I realize how many people follow their life without sense of value. All sorts of tricks are being used to achieve their own ends regardless the ways choose to get it.
I find this behaviour immature and disrespectful even for a job without heavy responsabilities. A story which begins in lying stops in betrayal. Is that the footprint of globetrotters, mainly the french people?



These who act like that aren’t citizens of the world and don’t understand the scope of their actions for the next generation of traveller.

You’re complaining about the society? “all is more strict”, “there are more and more laws”  You are responsible of that throughout your behaviour.

Finally, isn’t important if it was hard to get a job. People who refused to give me a chance didn’t have the time to understand than I was one of the rare person who respected them and told them the true. The reality is if you try to instaure respect, true and trust, your chance to get a job is lower than being a liar and a traitor. Lying settles.

I say that today but may be one day, I won’t have the choice to bend me to the reality and follow the liar way. I’m wondering how far I should able to adapt.

Grow old is inevitable, grow up is a choice