Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

What to do in and around Perth?

Here we are, after 4 months in Perth, I decided to leave the city. But I can give you some advice to well use your time in this capital.

Around Perth

kingspark-footbridgeFirst of all, you have Kings Park. It’s the first thing I saw when I arrived. It’s a beautiful place to walk and to relax alone or with your friends. You will have a great point of view on the Swan River and the skyscrapers of the CBD. You’ll discover plenty species of tree and bushes and also there is a beautiful footbridge above the park which looks like a snake.

Of course you have also some amazing beaches with white sand and pure blue water. Scarborough (be careful, there is a strong flow) is my favourite but you have also Cottesloe, City Beach and South beach in Freemantle. I didn’t see waves during the summer but may be in winter it can be a good spot for surfing. But the most amazing beaches I’ve seen were the Rottnest Island‘s beaches.


little-penguinProtected by a reef, there are no seaweeds and you can come upon a fish between your legs. It’s a perfect place for snorkeling. I didn’t see the beaches in the north, only the south part because I wasn’t alone this day. You will see the famous Quokkas (a friendly marsupial) and peacocks. With Azimuth Travel Australia (the cheaper agent in all Perth), you’ll have 5 hours to discover all the island, bike and snorkeling equipment include. Moreover if your accommodation is in Perth, you can be pick up by a car which will drive you up to Hillarys to take the ferry. You can find more information on the website.

Far away in Rockingham you’ll live a real kayaking expedition on Sea and Penguin Island. The water is really pure as well and the fauna is varied. You can see seabirds such as pelicans, little penguins and sea lions. Also it’s on this island I’ve seen the biggest lizard in my life and you must know one thing: you’ll be more afraid than them!


Between Midland and Mundaring, you can cross the John Forrest National Park to follow the Heritage Trail (an old railway). It’s my favourite outback adventure around Perth. It’s not really far from the CBD (35 km) and really exotic! But it’s still too close from the CBD to see a real outback night sky. Mundaring is the departure of the Munda Biddi trail, a trail which goes until Albany. Next year when I’ll go back in Perth, I want to do it!

I didn’t really like Mandurah and Armadale but if you can find an accommodation in Armadale with a job, I ‘m sure it will break your habits! (isn’t it Yannick!?)




I don’t know very well Freemantle. I went other there only two times. But I recommend you the Freemantle market. I didn’t use to go in market in France but this one is really cool. Moreover fruits are cheaper than Coles or Woolworthes and really tasty. The harbour is really big as well. You will be able to see it when you will take the train.

Now I’ve talk about things you can do around Perth, I’ll speak about things in the city.


In Perth

Parks and Lakes

There are plenty of parks all around the CBD: Hyde Park, Lake Monger, Herdsman Lake, Lake Joondalup, Gnangara Lake, Jandalup Lake to quote the most famous. I didn’t see all of them (because you can’t go anywhere with the train) but as me, If you need to be surrounded by green colour, it’s possible.


Also in each big park you will find free barbecue. Australian people like meet together in a park to celebrate birthday or the Sunday lunch. Australians love their nature and they live more outside than inside their house. I advice you the Burswood Park public. It’s close to the Swan River and really peaceful and dispose of free barbecue as well.

perth-zoo_iguanaIn South Perth, I suggest you to discover the Zoo. The entry is a quite expensive for a backpacker ($ 22,50) but this zoo is really big. With Yannick, we had needed to 4 hours to see every animals. The summer isn’t the best season to do it because lots of animals stay hidden to protect themselves from hot temperatures.


If you want to relax with a wonderful sunset, I’m sure you’ll appreciate fishing by night in the Swan river or in the Indian ocean

If you’re rider, you will find a really good skatepark in Belmont, at the corner of Abernethy Road and Alexander Road. After 5 years without riding a skatepark, it’s really impressive. But you will have a lot of fun!



Be careful! In Perth, the night starts from 06:30 pm!

Thanks to my job at The Deen Night Club, I saw all good thinks in Perth by day and night.

For sure, the Deen club is really great. It’s open 4 times a week and has 7 different areas.

Monday is for people who works in hospitality and there is a rock band which plays great sounds.
it’s the backpackers party. As backpacker, you will know the Deen and its free barbecue from 08:00 pm to 08:30 pm, followed by the free drinks (Champain, Wine and Beer as well) from 09:00 to 10:00 pm. There is also  Salsa music zone 5 where you can dance with the most beautiful women I have ever seen (Zone 3 too). Birdie, one of the best DJ in Perth will be also here zone 2 with his awesome mix!
, it’s the Student party with promotion on drinks thanks to your student card.
, everybody is welcome.

The Ambar is my favourite, but not all the time. It was chosen best electro club in 2011 and 2012 I think. The girl DJ mix pretty well!

The Geisha is a friendly lesbian club where you can dance on hard and dark electro sound till 05:00 am. After work (03:00 am), some bartenders and myself go other there.

The Ellington Jazz Club (on beaufort street, close to Coles and McDonald) is an amazing place to enjoy young jazz music and a cocktail with your boy-girlfriend.


But may be you dont’t like the night club. No worries, Perth holds some bars really quiet!


Small Bars

perth-small-bar_mechanics-instituteThe Mechanics Institute is one of my favourite. I believe it has the most amazing view on the skycrappers by night. The Rooftop Movie, the rooftop of the Aviary and this of the Connexion night Club are not bad too. However is really good hidden and to find it, you will have to seek it a long time! To keep it secret, I won’t tell you where is it! Ahah

The Amphoras Bar is a little bit far from the CBD but with the Red Cat (free bus), you can go other there easily. You’ll be able to enjoy these really good tapas with a beer in a hot summer afternoon.


The Bird is an excellent bar. You can see 2 chairs made with skateboards fixed on the wall. At the back there is a little patio really relax in which you can lift your head to see the stars.

There are so many bars in Perth! I didn’t see all of them.


The El compa in Northbridge is the best Mexican Restaurant in Perth. Its design from floor to ceiling will drive you in Mexico directly!
The food is really delicious, not expensive and their beers are amazing (especially the Negra Modelo and the Bohemia). You have also a wide range of tequila. As I worked in this restaurant I can tell you something: all the food is hand-made and Gianni, one of the two chiefs loves his job and do it very well. You can’t be disappointed.

The Print Hall is one of the most beautiful restaurant in Perth. Before to be a restaurant, it was an old print house. In this restaurant, you’ll go back in the 20’s. However I don’t like the Bob’s bar (Print Hall’s roof top) even if you have a beautiful view.

On Beaufort Street (the main street of Mount Lawley), I recommend you the El Publico (Mexican Restaurant) to enjoy their really good tacos, beers and especially their tequilla!

And now I think I told you everything I did. I hope these advises will be  helpful if one day you come in the capital of Western Australia!