Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

First day in Perth

My flight from Paris to Perth

Départ pour perth_Departure for Perth



After a short night on the sofa, I’m wake up to 11 o’clock at the morning. Jet Lag is here. I take a shower and I go to discover my new city: Perth.

At the beginning, all seems like big, tall ,huge. But it was “skyscrapers’ effect”. In the end of afternoon, I decide to walk on the streets, without know where I go until I open my paper map and fix me an objective: The Kings Park and the Botanic garden.

I choose these places because they are green on the map and not really far. Moreother I wouldn’t go on a place that I already saw the morning. The city town is wonderful but is little, as Perth. In an half hour, I’m walking from my backpacker lodge to the limits of city delimited by the North freeway.

It was difficult to be careful on the right side and not the left when I crossed the street too, because of car drivers drive on their left. I really like Perth. It’s a clean city in according with nature, which is more present.

I let you discovered some pictures now!