I’m done with paperworks: I have my 417 Visa!

This time it’s good, I’ve all documents to go to Australia.

The Australian Working Holiday

It is easier to get this Australian Working Holiday Visa. You go here and you choose between Subclass 417 or Subclass 462.



However after paid you don’t have others informations than an e-mail which will confirm your payment. You will need to call the Australian Ambassy in your country to confirm the agreement of the Australian Government about your Visa. Indeed with the biometric passport the process is automatic.

The Travel Insurance

Choose an insurance which corresponds perfectly with my needs wasn’t easy. To help me, I’m refered to Australie-Australia PARTNERS. This website is an expert about Australia. So I put my trust in it and I take Travel Zen agency.

Why have I chosen Travel Zen?

I’ve chosen Travel Zen and not ASFE. Indeed Travel Zen covers all extreme sports but only at the condition you aren’t practicing they in goal of  a competition or in competition. So I will be able to do snorkeling, surfing, climbing, alpinism (until 6500 meters, skiing until 3000 meters, …) regardless of nothing!

Moreover, you won’t have to advance the expense from the first dollar unlike ASFE and testimonials about this insurance comfort me before choosing it.



Now the challenge is to find a apartment and my first job to Perth!

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