Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Road Trip Perth-Broome 2: The beginning of the best part!

After a second night in my tent, I wake up under a grey sky. It’s only 7:25 and the other are still sleeping.


Yesterday, Ewan suggested us to wake up early to go fishing, but in fact, he stayed in bed. After a strong breakfast, we jump in cars and drive 27 km inside the Kalbarri National Park on a yellow ground not too dusty. The first stop: Natural Window. The trail to go up there is really nice, with an amazing view on the canyon. But just after take a meal, we were stunned when we saw Z-Bend. You are ahead an amazing and deep canyon. Although we cross a girl telling us she has spent a night inside. We were so jealous! We finish the discovery of the National Park with hawk’s face before taking the road to a new campsite.



Here we met Matt, or Tom as Sophie (our “Mum” during all the road trip) calls him. In fact Tom was his second name! Well done Mummy!
We spent a few days in the company of our new French friend who travelled alone with his beautiful van before joining us.


Before Denham, we mark a stop to Shell Bay where the beach wasn’t constituted by sand but by…shells! It was a little bit painful for our feet and the water was really salty! Ewan and Elena crossed small white and black snakes in the sea!



Once at Denham, we passed an Emu family in the middle of the road! “This is awesome” like Stefan says. After refilling our 20 bottles with water (it took a long time!!!) we follow the road to Monkey Mia. It’s a beautiful reserve where you can see wild dolphins, turtles and even stingrays jumping out of the sea! The first day we didn’t see dolphins because it was too late. But the volunteers told us we can come the morning after to see them!


After a funny night close to the sea and lots of mosquito bites (believe me, it was terrible) we went back to Monkey Mia to see the Dolphins… and they were here!

We leave Monkey Mia in the afternoon to go to Carnarvon after a night dominates by flies! I was wearing my swim goggles to protect my eyes against them! After washing all our clothes, we leave the place after an hour on the beach where we tried to fish…without getting a single fish… again…

Just before leaving Carnarvon and going to the next destination, we took a hitch-hiker with us. His name is Lee, 38 and comes from Tasmania. He has started hitch-hicking from Tasmania since New Year and he’s going North as well.


The next day was one of the best snorkelling I’ve ever done! Coral Bay. Remember this place if one day you have a chance to go other there! The beach isn’t too big, may be 200m wide. But the water is so pure, the sand so white and after 50 meters, you dive 4 meters deep to explore an amazing coral man where you can follow not one, but fifty, one hundred blue, yellow, grey, small, medium, big fish! I was stunned again (I like this word. May be because I know it from one month!^^). Unfortunately we can’t stay here because the night in the campsite is 35$ each. Too bad. Let’s go to a new place!

After a few hours of driving, we discover the amazing Charles Knife Canyon before to continue our road to Exmouth and stay one night in the town campsite. We had some beers after this epic day!

WTOE: Road Trip Perth Broome 2013: Kalbarri to Exmouth (Ep 2/3)




See you next Friday
for the end of this amazing adventure up to Broome!