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Road Trip Perth-Broome 2: The beginning of the best part!

After a second night in my tent, I wake up under a grey sky. It’s only 7:25 and the other are still sleeping. Yesterday, Ewan suggested us to wake up early to go fishing, but in fact, he stayed in bed. After a strong breakfast, we jump in cars and drive 27 km inside the […]

Road Trip Perth-Broome 1: Perth to Kalbarri

The adventure starts! An expedition like that can’t be told straight! So I decided to cut our road trip in 3 episodes to share more with you. After our beach to Cervantes, we go with Uwan’s 4WD to explore the Pinnacles desert by night. It was really amazing to see this place under the sunset. […]

My First RoadTrip!

Last Minute decision We are Tuesday, It’s 08:30. I’m waking up. I didn’t sleep a lot because I came back home at 4:00 am and I slept in my hamac. My housemate are rented a car to do a trip on 10 days from Perth to Esperance while driving along the Australian West Coast. So, […]

Bicycle Trailer

. Presentation: . I bought this one on a whim after see it on gumtree.com.au Indeed when I saw it, it looked like perfect to travel by Mountain bike without all my equipment on my back. In fact I came in Australia with around 16 kilos (whose 6 of camping and digital equipment) and owing […]