Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Bicycle Trailer




I bought this one on a whim after see it on gumtree.com.au

Indeed when I saw it, it looked like perfect to travel by Mountain bike without all my equipment on my back. In fact I came in Australia with around 16 kilos (whose 6 of camping and digital equipment) and owing to hot weather in Perth, the best thing to do is to let your body breath as far as possible and save yourself heart rash because of frictions and sweat at the level of shoulders and your back.

Now i’m going to do a feedback about this bike trailer after test it in charge with 12 kg weight on 90 km


Weight( 7 kg)
Price (80$)
Stability on road and trails
Loading space
Simplicity and reliability




Wide trailer
You can’t use this trailer in narrow path (<80cm)
Joining system on your frame
Strong jolts when you’re pedalling up16 inches wheels too small in path
You loose motricity on your rear wheel bike (hardtrail bike)
Rollover is possible


All of these features make  this bike trailer good on flat road. Therefore it’s incompatible with a performance goal because of the spring which is the articulation point between the bike and the trailer. it doesn’t give back 100% of your power stroke. It makes oscillations.

When you’re climbing a path, your rear bike wheel will be spinning. In fact as your bike trailer has two wheels which are in the middle, the center of gravity moves in back and that reduces the pressure on the rear bike wheel. With a full suspension bike I think there won’t have this problem. That will offset thanks to the rear suspension.

Lastly the 16 inches wheels don’t contribute to a good capacity of crossing.
The attaching system damages the frame paint and contribute to a lower yield by balancing too.


So, which is the best bike trailer?

By analysing each of these features, here  is the best bike trailer in my opinion:

  • Joining system by a gimbal articulation in two dimensions to have the best possible yield.
  • Only one wheel (24″ à 29″) to rise up the capacity of crossing and also improve the contact with the floor
  • Limit the length of bike/trailer to conserve a good  maniability

So the best choice find on the Web is the Extrawheel bike trailer:

And suspension trailer?

They can offset the wheel size for crossing the obstacles. But you will need all the specific equipment to repair your trailer.
Moreover this one will be heavier and more expensive.


I think the product selled by Extrawheel  is the best to date. I don’t like only one thing: the bags each side of the wheel which are wider than higher.
This point reduces the possibility to ride narrow tracks. I will have added a tidy space above the wheel in addition with their 13 L more space option.

Its construction is simple, that ensure a maximum reliability.

If you are a minimum handyman, you can use it as model to make your own bike trailer!