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Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

MacBook Air mid 2012



Why did I buy a Macbook Air 2012?

Yes, I’ve changed my laptop! 5 months ago when I was in Palmerston during my Woofing experience, I went with Trevor in town. He told me he will be busy for more than 30 minutes and suggested me to go to Cash Converter to have a look and check if there is some good deals. I didn’t have any intention of purchasing but two macbook air were present for $795 each. The Australian dollar dropped a lot this Summer in July: €1 =$1.50, so that means the MacBook Air will cost me approximately €500 if i ask for a discount.

Once at the farm, I had a look on internet to read some reviews about this ultrabook during the last two years. It was one of the favourite each time from the bloggers but from the customers as well. I’m really against the Apple world, so it wasn’t an easy choice. However my HP netbook was overheating all the time and I couldn’t use it properly without getting any trouble. That was annoying.

Here is a list of things t i don’t like with Apple:



I hate Itunes, Iphoto which organise everything for you.
We can’t CUT-paste with the keyboard shortcuts in the explorer like with Windows OS
Basic apps like Winzip or WinRAR are not free
A Mac software  is more expensive than under Windows
Some softwares under Windows OS doesn’t exist under Mac OS
You always need an adapter for something


Now here is all the good points about the MBA 2012:



Its weight 1.35 kg (13″ version)
Trackpad and multitouch functions are really fluid
The display has a good luminosity even if is bright
The backlight keyboard and the keyboard are amazing
Good Wifi reception
Good webcam
USB 3.0

SSD hard drive
Intel Core I5 Ivy Bridge with Turbo Boost (marketing but powerful enough)
Powerful speakers (you don’t need a portable speaker at all)
Bootcamp which makes possible the installation of Windows on Mac with Intel CPU (no compromise!)

I came back to the shop to buy the best of the two Macbook Air. One was a 2011 model with an external dvd reader/burner included and an adapter thunderbolt/HDMI, the other one a MacBook Air mid 2012. I choose the second one because it was newest (USB 3, IVY Bridge, battery life). I ask for a $95 discount. Finally i’ve got a 45$ discount and it was what i wanted.

The first two weeks, it wasn’t easy at all. I couldn’t find the way to synchronize my Androphone with the Bluetooth… but I finally found a clue! Then I’m not using Itunes (the worst music player only able to read a few codecs even if it’s one of the best software to organise your music library) but VOX.



Vox is an amazing music player. It’s able to read plenty of audio codec (except .wma). It is a light software, well design with an intuitive ergonomic player. Finally you have an equalizer and can save your playlists.



.Same thing for Iphoto. I’m not using it because all my pictures are synchronise with my Gmail account. So I have installed Picasa. I’ve already done a topic about this software and I still like it a lot.





Moreover, I’ve installed Bootcamp too. With Windows and Mac OS on my MacBook Air 2012, i can access to every software when those ones aren’t free or don’t exist under Mac OS like Polar Pro Trainer only available under Windows.



At the moment I don’t need any adapter. Except this drag and drop a little bit annoying when I would prefer used CUT-paste,
I’m completely satisfied with this MacBook Air 2012 under this configuration for only €500!