Netbook_HP Dm1 4136 SF

One week after:

The touchpad has many bugs when processor runs fast. It’s painful. But it’s enought to access to mouse setting in control panel when you can move the cursor and all returns in order.

I’m globally satisfied with this netbook. It’s fast enough for my needs and the display screen is luminous. I’ve download a new calibration profile (.icc) on Digital Versus

Also, I’ve found a forum about this netbook very complete here (French).



First impression:


Till today, you can find this netbook less than € 350. I bought it  under € 300 in July 2012. It looks like  ideal for a traveller with a excellent battery life, a wide screen of 11.6 inches (1366×768) and reliable thanks to direct access to motherboard/ SD RAMM / Hard Drive. The processor is sufficient for office automation and surf on web. Also you can do some photo retouch (Photoshop or Picasa) or short videomontages with Windows Live Movie Maker. However isn’t so much powerfull and lightweight as an ultrabook and it hasn’t a matt display.

But it’s a very good balance between price/battery life/ performance/display.

Four stars because it doesn’t have mat display and 7200 rpm hard drive to become nearly perfect as I don’t need USB 3.0 .

CNet_ HP DM1 (fall 2011)



Toshiba_Satellite-A350-11B_compared-with_HP_DM1-4136sfFor my travel, I wanted a netbook to replace my laptop Toshiba A350-11B. Indeed it’s heavy and it has a poor battery life too. That’s not the best for travelling as we are limited in space and weight in our backpack to take plane. Also I will take every day. Therefore weight is an important measure.



Moreover, I wouldn’t buy an expensive ultrabook ( altought many of them are powerful processor, lightweight and have a matt display) in case I will break it.

My needs:


1366*768 display screen

Matt panel

Sufficient powerful processor for photo retouch and videomontage



Not more expensive


Asus_Eee-PC-1025CFirst, my choice was the new Asus Eee PC 1025C. Its former version Asus Eee PC 1015 had a excellent ranking on DigitalVersus. I didn’t know the Intel Atom N2800 processor but its clock rate looked like good (1,86 Ghz) and it could play HD video. Nevertheless its screen is small enough with a definition of 1024 by 600 pixels. As my job is to write posts on web, that won’t be a good choice because the result will be diffrent between my netbook and yours.

Moreover an article on website had helpt me to find the diffrence between AMD E-450 and Intel N2800 processor. To touch up pictures with photoshop or picasa and realize short videomontage I would know which of them will be the most appropriate. AMD E-450 with its 6320 graphic chipset is better for these application fields.


So I discovered HP DM1 4136SF, Samsung 305UA1 and MSI Wind270 which are more or less the same configuration (processor and screen size).


samsung_305UA1I liked the Samsung with its matt panel and its ligthweight (1.2 kg) but it has only a four cells battery. Therefore is turned off after less than 3 hours. It has the same features of HP DM1 4136SF (processor/RAMM/OS/HDD). Here its full review on Notebook check.



msi_wind-U270MSI Wind270 is may be better than HP DM1 4136SF compared with my needs. Indeed, it has a matt screen, a fast processor (E-350) and a good graphic chipset. Its weight is 1.5 kg and it has a direct access to the motherboard and all its components as HP DM1 4136SF. Also it has a USB 3.0 connector.


Till Today it is the only one among netbooks in this price with a USB 3.0 connector. But its line-in has a poor signal, it hasn’t multitouch touchpad and I prefer HP DM1 4136SF design. Here its full review on Digital Versus.


Netbook_HP_DM1-4136sfNow HP DM1 4136SF. It has a AMD E-450 processor with a Radeon 6320 graphic chipset and it uses 4 Gb RAMM  with a 500 gb hard drive to lauch Windows 7 64 bits. Its features are lightly better than MSI Wind U270. I don’t really need of USB 3.0 connection because I won’t use external hard drive. All my content will be share and save with my gmail account.  It runs well and is comfortable but I miss a matt screen.

Its webcam isn’t high quality. When you move, the video is jerky. It is sufficient to communicate on skype. Moreover its internal microphone isn’t good with much reverb when you are distant. Fortunatly it has a good line-in and you could plug an external microphone.

Also, it’s possible to open display panel to 180 degrees. That allows to work with your netbook on your knees. Lastly, It has a very good battery life compared with its performance. You could surf on web more than 5 hours (normal mode).

Advice: Don’t upgrade the webcam software, it’s useless. You couldn’t change video resolution (only 320p against 640p or 1024p) and it’s less ergonomic.

French presentation of HP DM1 4136sf

[youtube_video id=”YQv6-RdSjdg”]



matt screen

usb 3.0 connector

Many netbooks are more lightweight



Price : CDiscount Website



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