Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Test: GoPro Hero2 HD Outdoor Edition



UPDATE Oct. , 17th 2012: The new GoPro camera, the Hero 3, is now on sale! It corrects its defects (dive housing in serie and 60i/s in 1080 p). Discover it on WIRED !
Today, GoPro camera enjoys  a strong notoriety thanks to extreme video that it’s recorded. The easy to use with only two buttons explain its success too. Less buttons, more reliability! However, the competition is strong on this market and more and more rival  by attacking where the GoPro is limited: the attachments not free when competitors including they in their package, for the same price or lower. A strong option with some serious features is the CamOne Infinity (5 Mpx) to € 250.


Before to buy my waterproof case WP-DC42 for my Canon Powershot SX220 HS, I’m asked the question if a GoPro wasn’t a better choice?

In projecting myself, I saw myself more photographing than filming. Even if I’m a fervent mountain biker, I didn’t see a real interest to stock videos on a hard rive to see they 5 times a year.
Moreover, it’s easier to share photos than heavy video files.
However the “action cameras” have the power to share the environment in which we evolve and a part of sensations that we feel at the opposite of a picture.

That’s in this dynamic I’ve reconsidered the need to buy a GoPro. You, my followers, you wishn’t only admire landscapes! Lot of blogs already do it. From my point of view, I would like to bring my experience, my feels.

Why a GoPro camera?

Nowadays, More and more competitors from the video market search to invest the action sports segment. This democratisation nearby the general public, we owe it to Redbull, Monster and Soch. Even advertising use sequences from action sports.

So, what shall we choose between GoPro, Contour, Drift, Camone and other brands? The answer is that I haven’t looked too much into that.

May be, after reflexion, I would have chosen the CamOne Infinity which offers a strong rate Quality/performances/attachments/price. But I’ve favoured reliability because GoPro brand has stores everywhere if a day I’ve worries.


Price (260 € outdoor pack on ebay)
Choose of definition (11/8/5 Mpx)
Image details in 60i/s.
Small and ligther
Good battery life (2h30)
Burst mode to 10 i/s in full resolution
Easy to use



Hot colours
Strong fisheye to 170°
Muffled sound
Blurred video underwater (with the waterproof)
Good light for burst mode



Video test (raw video)

[youtube_video id=XJ3zU7lwdAc]


Comparison with the CamOne Infinity

[youtube_video id=aOhEcu3MUGY]

Useful Informations:

Dive Housing

gopro_flat-lenseWhen you film with the camera underwater, the video is blurred. Fortunatly, GoPro remove this matter thanks to a waterproofcase with a flat lens suitable for diving. On the other hand, its price isn’t “flat” and you can’t dive more than 60 meters deep.

Personaly, I think it’s a shameful from GoPro brand. Why to have a waterproof case if, to use the camera, you needed to replace it by an other one? As a result, I remove a star.

You can buy the dive housing for 60 € HERE

FishEye correcting

The FishEye of your GoPro is too strong for you? Your lens is damaged? Sunex suggest an other lens and an adaptator for the waterproof case for €160. Moreover, you can add a polorizing filter.

Here is a matter of taste. In outdoor the FishEye doesn’t disturb me. To adjust colours, the GoPro software (CineForm) allows it.

Référence: lensSUNEX DSL 377 + adaptator ring

More informations HERE



CineForm Studio

CineForm studio is a software developped by GoPro to touch up your sequences. It allows to update your camera when a new version is avaible too.

This tool is practical. You can cut your sequence where you want and convert it in an lighter format. Nevertheless, you will need to a dual core processor with a frequency around to 2.00 Ghz to play video without jerks.


GoPro doesn’t seem to know that hundredths don’t run from 0 to 59 but from 0 to 99!
Fortunatly, by comparing with a chronometer, seconds are seconds. Therefore  provide for a large cutting off for your rushes!