Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Quechua décline ma demande de partenariat

For this round the world, I choose meticulously the brands whom I wished send my partnership kit. These brands msut b consistents with my adventure and goals that I’m fixed.

May be I was a few optimist to believe that my project made dream brands which are already at the state-of-the-outdoor,  and also a general crisissituation.

Nevertheless it’s also, on the human point of view, a possibility to help someone to realise his goals, to build his future by helping somebody get started.

I agree that if a company says “Yes” to anybody who wants to be sponsored,  it wouldn’t make a great turnover. It’s an obvious fact. That why I don’t suggest a sponsrship but a services share through my partnership.

Because of what? The world is more than more dishonest, everybody wants to make the most of situation, a fail, a person. It is sad to say but we’re seeing everwhere, in all fields.

By the mistake of modern societies Human, today I must prove who I am to change the brands’ outlook about me.




For this project, we are advised me to begin by a little brand because I haven’t a huge notoriety. However I tried with the king of general public sport:

DECATHLON and its brand QUECHUA.

I thought that if I could to put in place a partnership with QUECHUA, the process to seek other Oxylane group could be easier. But there are still entry barriers.

Points to catch the attention of QUECHUA brand

To hope catch the attention ofuechua, here the points on which your project must be:

  • To be focused on brand sports : Hikking, trekking, trail running, snowshoeing , Nordic skiing, Ice hikking.
  • To have concret goals directly on fieldwork: (developpement, protection…) and for the benefit of local people
  • To promote mountain areas, preferably Arve and Mont Blanc valley or the historic area of Quechua.

Although my project completes two and a half on three criteria and after worked one year for the group, that’s insufficient.

The task is not easy, but don’t given up! That’s not at the first refusal you must go back. Go your way, complete your goals and may be a day brands will call you! The most important thing is to believe in your actions and believe in you.

On the other hand, I’m relieved to don’t have more responabilities now. I will be losing already my landmarks and meet new difficulties through my future way of life as adventurer.

You should be given time for it doesn’t play against you but with you.


If you, who’s reading these lines, search to develop a product and you have feedbacks from fieldwork, I will be enjoyed to help you through a partnership. Contact me by e-mail (at the end of my partnership kit, in the link on the right side of this blog).