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I'm traveling the world to get a strong field experience in the outdoor sports and then develop sporting goods for this industry.

Pourquoi est ce que je souhaite commencer par l’Australie?

My first idea Originally, I wanted to do a world tour for 1 year thanks to a Round the world ticket. This is the best solution to do one when we haven’t much time. The cost is around 2000€ and it enables to do every continents. You have 1 year to take all flights and […]

Fan Page sur Facebook

To help you to follow me, I’ve made a Fan Page on Facebook. It is written in French. So, you will be able to understand my project, its goal is to share it with anybody who’s interesting about travelling, outdoor sector and its products. Currently, my project is preparing step by step. There aren’t many […]

I’ve got my Passport!

Good news! Yesterday, I’ve received my passport! “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” St. Augustine After reading a long page about France, I’m going to write my own page about Australia… To ask your passport at your town council, you must give some documentary evidence: a proof […]

La marque Draw Your Line me sponsorise

Draw your line is a new lifestyle action sports brand. It wants to become universal. This is a funny story about how I’ve met the two creators: Alexis and Dominique Morel. When I started World Tour Outdoor Experience and wrote the first post, I shared it on my network to get feed-backs. Few days after, […]