Backpack Oesprey Aether 60L


This is the backpack I use during my trip in Australia. However, I didn’t really have the opportunity to carry it more than an hour because I was mainly on the road as passenger/driver inside a car or a van, in cities and never in the bush for a few days.

Since I’m in the Blue Mountains, I’ve the opportunity to realize a significant test. Thanks to Jamy (Dan’s friend, my host from Couchsurfing), I did a two days packrafting trip in the Blue Mountains.

I had to carry my packraft of course, but also my paddle, my wet suit, my life jacket, my helmet, my sleeping bag, my food, … at the end, I had to carry approximately 15 kg.

After this trip, here is my feedback:



Bring all the weight on your hips
The “airscape system” (the part in contact with your back) works well
Many ways to adjust the backpack perfectly
Comfortable abdominal belt and shoulder straps
Strong materials (no scratch after a year)
This is a real 60L
Dry fast
Lifetime warranty


This backpack isn’t waterproof, just water resistant. So I use a 60 litres dry bag I put into it to protect my clothes and I use a second and third one for my sleeping bag and my food.

Now, here is one bad part but I’m responsible for that:

To save €50 and time, I’ve ordered this backpack online without carrying it and it was my mistake. This backpack doesn’t fit perfectly my spine and it is a little bit too big for me. Don’t do like me: try the backpack first before to buy one! I did a beginner mistake and it’s a shame to spend so much for something you  use almost every week. Regarless my mistake, the backpack was comfortable enough to walk 4hours on steep trails while carrying 15-17 kg (wet clothes) to come back to the car.

Without taking my mistake in consideration, here are the cons:





By removing all the weight from your shoulders, you feel it on your hips
All the straps are way too long and some of them useless like the ones at the bottom of the backpack
Empty, the backpack weighs almost 2.8 kg, that’s a lot
Under a storm, the backpack is not water resistant anymore


Price (259€)