Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Test Leatherman Kick



Using time: 65 days



Franck offered me this Leatherman as a gift before I left Bayonne. I was really happy because 2 years ago I lost my Switzerland Knife with plenty of functions (25 to be exact) because one pocket of my backpack was open during a trekking…

After 2 months of intensive use, here is my feedback:

First of all there are real pliers! I was able to repair my bike in many occasions thanks to these one or to sew in leather by holding the needle inside the pliers. It’s the main weakness on a Switzerland knife with pliers which are too small and too thick at the end. But at least these present on the Switzerland knife can cut a cable or a plastic zip tie properly!

However the knife is not long enough and I’ve never used one of the screwdrivers in the handles. However the can opener/bottle opener is good and sometime, I use the regular.

Meanwhile a Leatherman is not really for campers but for workers.

In my opinion, the perfect one for camping will have:

  • A longer knife (1-1.5 cm more)
  • A wood saw ( at least 8 cm length) and scissors to replace the screwdrivers
  • A cork screw


Real pliers
Free for me



Screwdrivers useless
Pliers don’t’ sharp enough
Knife too short
No wood saw, scissors and cork screw




Price: $ 51.45