Voyage en solo

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Travelling on your own gives you the opportunity to face who you are and what decision you may take: Here are several of my point of view when you travel on your own.

Sleep in a local place

. When I was in Katoomba, I discovered for the first time the Couchsurfing. It brought me a house, new friends and several outdoor activities such as Pack rafting, Mountain Biking and Rock-climbing. However at one moment I had a gap between two Couchsurfers, so I’ve tried something even more exciting: Be received by a […]

Worldwide Waste: it freaks me out!

Today I would like to dedicate this article about an important subject: Global food wasting. My farmer obtained an excellent deal with a supermarket to feed his animals for free. A few people tried to acquire this deal before, but they didn’t have enough animals to qualify for it. In a supermarket, it’s impossible to […]

How far to adapt?

You saw it, I’ve got some difficulties to find a job. My english wasn’t the main reason. It was hard because I’ve tried to get a job WITHOUT LIE and WITHOUT HIDE THE REALITY. But defend this values in Perth as a Globetrotter isn’t easier. Who wants hire someone for only 2-3 months, without a […]

Truth about traveling on your own

Now I stay in Perth for 3 months. My blog activity has really reduced. Therefore I didn’t do exceptional things or something new which warranted an article. About that, you were able to follow my low activity on Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, I realized many things during these 3 months. First of all, the steps […]