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Thredbo: Welcome in Australia’s highest mountains!

Après 4 jours à Jindy, il était temps pour moi d’aller ailleurs. J’avais le sentiment qu’il me fallait aller à Thredbo situé à 35 km de Jindy au sein du Parc National de Kosciuzko. Aussi mon objectif était d’atteindre Thredbo depuis mon départ de Katoomba en auto-stop et de rester là-bas pour une semaine ou […]

When Spontaneity matches adventure

John Forrest National Park and the Heritage Trail Days were following each other and it was in a moment of clarty I decided the following story: I spotted a National Park 30km North from Perth on a topographical map I bought a few days ago. Tuesday. It’s 02:30 pm when I realised I didn’t look […]

Pyrenees Enduro MTB Trophy: EnduroBearn

Last Week-end, I participated to a mountain biking race. It took place to Issor, nearly to Oloron-Sainte-Marie. Over these two days, 107 competetors confront one another. We were 4 of my moutain bike club to participate. To increase our pleasure, we were placed us from slowest to fastest. All 30 seconds we went one after […]