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Now my way of travel makes things harder to blog. I live completely each day of my trip and as a consequence I have only a few hours every night to spend on my ultrabook for blogging. I live many amazing things but every night I have to find a place to sleep. Indeed each night, I must arouse interest of a potential local and narrate all the adventures I lived for a year already to make this experience positive for him/her/their.

So then, my blog is not the best tool to share in live my new adventures. However I optimize this time differently.

Thanks to its qualities, I have decided to use more strenuously my Google+ profile. This social network make my life easier by sharing my feelings and the pictures taken during the day.

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I don’t give up my blog

I bent to share my GPS tracks with each kilometer traveled and edit several videos showing this exceptional trip. Also, I will share my feedback regarding the equipment I’m using to live this dream and how it works after thousands kilometers traveled with.

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