Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Well, tomorrow I take my train!


No big speech at the dawn of the adventure beginning. Anymay, my backpack isn’t ready. I always the time to do it, few hours. Well, I need to reserve my two first nights in backpacker lodge. Although I’m well enough organized, between friends, family, last administrative steps, I’m always “just in time”. But i’m not worried. All is clear in my mind. I know where I go and what I take. My light stress (good stress) is leaved and I go unworried.

This morning, I would meet the man who has stimulated my personnality and my spirit: Yvon REGOUT. He was my Mountain Bike coach, activitie which has driven me to do wonderful encounters, discover what I capable of doing and which has open me opportunities thanks to worths of this sport. Adventure, effort, tenacity, adrenalin, landscapes and the true freedom. Not the money freedom (although i’ve needed for my hobbies), but the freedom which place us, Human Beings, to take the time to enjoy the life ands these subtles pleasures. Today, nobody or few people, takes the time to observe.

Who today leaves the town and its lights to see a star sky?
Who sees the light of Sun through leafs, golden and green, animated by the wind?
Who takes the time to feel the difference of wind temperature in function of seasons and weather or this waterfall high to 430 meters under which it’s impossible to see the summit without fall?

Money gives independance to live in society and these pleasures for which it’s created. Well, it’s an appreciable comfort , but a comfort which traps you in credits, debt, taxes, which believes you all is necessary for your happynessand your development and which is hard, or rather impossible to leave from the first full position job.

Also money is doing a sad thing: the lost of the individual know-how. If tomorrow Carrefour market or grocer don’t exist, how many people will be to fill its needs? To buy water if it’s no present in bottle or your faucet, how did you to? These life’s essentials things, money makes these casuals. But don’t forget: without they, you won’t live more than a week. And in this day with the global States defaults, think about it is important! What would you do if France was in the same situation of Greece or Spain?

I’ve had the occasion to don’t have a full position job, and especially a boss, an exceptionnal friend with which I’ve been able to share my values and my dreams. Thanks to this man, Iker Aguirre, I knew sense this amazing opportunity as a gift and tomorrow I take it.

Before this evening, I’ll be celebrating the fifty years old of my father who with my mom, accept to jump at this opportunity.