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The real adventure starts soon!

I have a job, a houseshare with an english couple really friendly  and a bike. Now I can focus on my project. For the 2 next months I will have a casual life: Work, Eat, Sleep with some parties in city. It cannot be easy to do better with a busy work planning (48 to […]

What jobs for a Globetrotter?

Whn you travel, two things are important to know: which will be the season? What are your skills? The season is important because all seasons are not favourable to find a job. That ‘s one of mistake I did by landing a little bit late in Australia, some days before the summer time. . . […]

Perth Before Christmas

When I leaved my work Friday night, I was directly in a small christmas night walk and I was surrounded by music. People dressed up at this occasion and wear on their head green or red antlers, and the most daring wear a full fancy dress. Therefore to 09:00 pm, all is over (it was […]

Kayaking to Penguin Island

It’s Sunday and it is 6 :30 am. May be than appeared earlier but this is remember me the mountain biking with  Bikikoz. After this day, I can guarantee to be happy to wake up early! The adventure start to Rockigham on the soalwater bay. After to put a lot of sunscreen, we go in […]