Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

WHV Australia: 23 amazing months


We are our own limit

The end is getting closer. After 23 months in WHV Australia, it’s time for me to explore new countries, different cultures, and different kind of FOOD! During these 23 months I discovered myself a little bit more, I got jobs I hadn’t thought about before. Amongst my top 3 I was an organic farmer, a fisherman and an environmental specialist in a national park: How cool is that!?

I also:outdoor-activities_Australia_New-Zealand_julien-diot_worldtour-_outdoorexperience

  • Participated to two real Australian Road Trip with 7 other nationalities
  • Learnt a lot about Acrobatic Yoga with a Swedish
  • Did my third bungee jump with a BMX,
  • Did my first Skydive above the Great Barrier Reef without thinking about
  • Did my first Scubadive on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Did a 4WD trip on Fraser Island
  • Rode a Jet Ski in Port Macquarie
  • Learnt how to sail for four days
  • Went down a river for 25 km with a Packraft
  • Discovered what is SandBoarding
  • Improved my Surfing, Snowboarding and Rock Climbing skills
  • Explored New Zealand and Tasmania with a Moutain Bike
  • Did many bushwalks in the nicest places in Australia and New-Zealand
  • Swam in lakes made of snow water in New Zealand
  • Hitch-hiked hundred times to travel thousands of kilometers

The list could be longer if I add all the kangaroos, sharks, crocodiles, fish, dolphins, turtles, eagles, parrots, spiders, snakes and other beauties of this world I saw!


Less barriers, bigger inner Richness

I’ve also traveled using different ways of transportation from the safest to the most adventurous (as you know, I didn’t really follow this order). My mountain biking trip with Only One 35L backpack while I was staying with random locals in New Zealand was the most rewarding thing I did…I guess.

new-zealand_lake-ohau_lookout_julien-dio t_worldtour-outdoorexperience

Last but not least, traveling by myself around this huge country that is Australia gave me the opportunity to meet hundreds of amazing people. Each time you share your time with somebody, some parts of his/her personality catch your attention and you start looking and doing things differently. What’s reason for? I guess nobody is either fully black or white. Those parts of his/her personality that inspire you reinforce your self-motivation to realize what you really wanna do. You bring new challenges to your life while your eyes and mind are getting more and more open. It’s the reason why I like staying with locals met randomly. You never know what will result from your exchange. You will learn something interesting for sure, something unexpected that one day will be useful!

In the other hand traveling doesn’t help you to settle somewhere, especially when you become conscious there are billions of people to visit and with who sharing unforgettable stories. Getting to know people from all around the world push you to ask yourself more and more questions about first who you are and second who you wanna be.


Thredbo: My Australian Home

I’m still looking for who I wanna be but several things are obvious about who I am: I will spend my life in the mountains and in the woods no matter where, with who or what kind of job. A second thing that I’m sure about: I can’t work inside, I’ve to be in the outdoors and my environment must have 4 seasons! Finally, my environment have to help me staying active and must be the support of really cool outdoor sport activities!

The only place in Australia that could fulfill my criteria was Thredbo: the best ski/mountain bike resort in all Australia. I discovered this place by following my heart last summer. I had no idea about what I wanted to do after the Blue Mountains and before heading back to Sydney. Therefore I decided hitchhiking from Katoomba to Thredbo. It took me a solid week but I knew after 1 month in this village than I will come back and spend the winter season here. Now I can guaranty you I chose wisely: I had the BEST TIME EVER!

I’ve been working « hard », waking up at 5: 30 am every morning and working until 8: 30 pm six days a week, juggling with 2 jobs. Working with two different teams and doing different things avoid you getting bored. This is essential if you want to maintain the quality and regularity of your work as well as your health.


I will never forget the amazing persons I worked with! I’ve never been so happy going to work (and I’ve already done about 15 different real jobs!!!). I knew I will have a good day doesn’t matter with who I will be working. This spirit was also present on the slopes when we went for a ride during a split shift or during our days off. I’m sure that spirit inspired Gibbsy to set up the Coasters Cup too! If you haven’t seen the movie “Out Cold” yet, it’s time to get your ass on a couch and press play! Thredbo was really my Bull Mountain and I was the KING…. KING Julian.

I guess I wouldn’t have such a blast if the snow was absent. Good news, it was the best season over a decade with better powder days in July than I had in the Pyrenees for 3 years! Moreover my staff pass gave me access to the chairlifts, so I could snowboard as often as I wanted, even more than I’ve ever done when I was in France!


Traveling it’s just like Quantum Physics!

This situation helps me to realize how lucky I am. Wait a minute; luck doesn’t have anything to do with that! My choices built this situation. I’m not stuck in the system or in a routine, I can accomplish all my dreams and goals!

schrodingers-cat_worldtour-outdoorexperienceTraveling it’s just like Quantum Physics. In Quantum Physics, particles have “magical properties” such as having two states/locations at the same time or disappearing somewhere to appearing somewhere else. However this is true until the environment starts interfering with the particles.  If you free your mind from the pressure of your environment, everything becomes realizable. Before choosing one way, every directions and possibilities can be imagined. Like Schrodinger’s Cat you can’t know if the cat is dead or alive before opening the box. In other world, if you want to answer your questions, you must take some risks.

Traveling helps you to realize who you are without feeling the pressure of your relatives (the environment) who want to push you along a path they think it’s the best for you. For them a stable work means money=safety=stress relieving for them. But did you deeply take a look in our actual world? This actual path doesn’t take happiness, rhizomatic learning or curiosity/open-minding in consideration. As a result your mind becomes breathless because everything that isn’t your routine becomes scary.


If you enter into the world of Quantum Mechanics, you will discover a world of chaos. You can be everything and do everything until you discover who you are and who you aren’t. Then you will follow the right path, the one both made by you and made for you. Life is an experience; unexpected things make it worth living.

I want to face my fears or confront unfounded ideas with the reality of this world. Traveling is THE BEST school of life. All of us are both teacher and student. Everybody is interesting; everybody has something to transmit to you. May be, at first, we don’t realize it but if we take time to discover those people deeper; there is gold inside.

Soon, I will start all over again: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are my next destinations. I’ve no plan except going to Krabi for Rock Climbing. I will see what will happen. However after four months in the same village, I need to reconnect with my heart to find what way I want to follow. I already know I won’t see everything or go everywhere.

Traveling is not all about seeing, it’s mostly about entering in collision with someone and see what will arise from your exchange!