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Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Fabulo: Best App on Android to learn a language


Why Fabulo makes it so easy to learn a foreign language?


Learning a new language seems hard because we never learn the right way at school. This post is here to introduce to you Fabulo: a powerful offline learning tool.

This one works the same way we learned our mother tongue: it associates one sound with one picture and one word. Then, you will have to place this word amongst others into a sentence and later on, write yourself the word.

Along the learning process, Fabulo will make it harder for you to write the correct sentence. At first, Fabulo will only give you the good amount of words to put back in the right order. At the end, you will have to select the right words amongst others to write the correct sentence. If you do a mistake, Fabulo will show you in purple the right answer.

With Fabulo there is no question of grammar, vocabulary or nothing whatsoever. You will understand those notions along the course without notifying anything.


Why Fabulo stands out?

Fabulo_menuI really like Fabulo because you can learn by categories. As example, if you’re already good with numbers and animals, you can focus on white goods and family relashionships. Fabulo offers 35 categories that classify every material and immaterial things that surround you. You can also test your knowledge with the category “Every words” that randomly picks up exercises in all the categories. The main menu shows your progression for each category too. This organization makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

Is Fabulo only for beginners?

Fabulo is mostly for beginners but its ergonomic structure and the way it works might interest advanced learners too. This app is pleasant to use and it is a good way to test your knowledge. Rosetta Stone is far more advanced but far more boring since you need to complete lessons instead of picking up what you really want to learn.

Fabulo or Rosetta Stone?

I use Rosetta Stone on my laptop (the software) when I’m in a quiet environment more than 15min. This is a powerful and complete software from beginner to advanced learner that consider every aspect of a new foreign language. However, I would prefer Fabulo on my smartphone instead of Rosetta Stone. We don’t use a smartphone the same way we use a laptop and we don’t take a laptop where we take a smartphone. How do you want to speak in a crowded bus or stay focused with a noisy background? In such environment, Fabulo is better and more easy to use.

Fabulo focuses on picturing, listening and writing words and sentences but it lakes about speaking. You can use it from 30 seconds to hours straight no matter where you are. It’s easy to come back to your last exercise or switch to another category.

Rosetta Stone is a more advanced language learning tool but inappropriate if you are not in a peaceful environment for more than 15min. I only recommend it at home (on tablet or Mac or Win).

Conclusion: Is Fabulo worth the purchase?

Fabulo_unsuscribeTo access every category, you’ll need to purchase this app. This is the only app I bought in my life and this one cost €5/month. If you want to unsubscribe, go back to the Play Store, look for your app Fabulo and select “cancel” next to “Complete Access”. Once you have done one language, you can unsubscribe and start another one. I guess you will lose all the data after unsubscribing.

Rosetta Stone cost between €100 to €160 per lesson. That is a huge investment. However I’m not sure if you lose data or not.