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New Zealand: a specific website for this adventure

Visit my website about New Zealand for a deeper immersion Now my way of travel makes things harder to blog. I live completely each day of my trip and as a consequence I have only a few hours every night to spend on my ultrabook for blogging. I live many amazing things but every night […]

Jindabyne: Mountain Bike Spirit

Après 3 jours d’auto-stop, je suis arrivé à Jindabyne. Ce village est juste charmant avec son énorme lac entouré par les collines. A cette période de l’année, il n’y a pas beaucoup de monde, c’est un fait. Mais j’ai rencontré la crème des crèmes. Ici à Jindy, ils se préoccupent les uns des autres. Quand […]

Sleep in a local place

. When I was in Katoomba, I discovered for the first time the Couchsurfing. It brought me a house, new friends and several outdoor activities such as Pack rafting, Mountain Biking and Rock-climbing. However at one moment I had a gap between two Couchsurfers, so I’ve tried something even more exciting: Be received by a […]