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Universal Plug Adapter - World Tour Outdoor Experience

Universal Plug Adapter


Last year for my birthday, a friend of mine offered me this universal sector adapter a month before to fly to Australia. After one year of intensive use, here is my feed back:


You can go everywhere with only one sector adapter
Just a little bit more heavy than a basic sector adapter





A little bit too wide (impossible to plug something next to it)
Bad contact between plug/socket for each ends
On a wall socket, the adapter doesn’t stay plug very well
After a year of intensive use, one contact blade broke




This product is a bad one. As we know, everything in movement doesn’t have a long life and it’s why one of my blade broke.

I think an other way can be explored with crocodile clips, electric wires, a terminal strip and a plug for each country. With that, you will look like a real spy, but it’s reliable and easy to repair if you have any problem. Moreover, you won’t use more space than you need if you plug your equipement on a twin socket and you can combine this solution with a power strip if necessary.


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