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Un aménagement fourgon adapté pour vous Sportifs!

Un fourgon aménagé autour du Sportif Outdoor Cet aménagement fourgon est le fruit d’une longue réflexion visant à mettre en place la meilleure occupation possible d’un espace réduit. Aujourd’hui, je vous expose les objectifs qui m’ont mené à conduire ce projet:

The best van design for Outdoor Sport lovers and travellers

What does my van design look like? I spent month thinking and sketching what a Van designed for an outdoor sport enthusiast should be. Since my models are registered to the National Institute of Intellecual Property, I can be identified has their creator.  It’s time to reveal my secrets. I developed new skills during this experience: […]

Van: a tailor-made design for an easier construction

Van Construction Steps In my two previous posts I shared my point of view towards Outdoor Sports and what kind of sport utility vehicle (SUV) could be adapted to my needs. In this article I’m going to give you an insight about my own van design and construction to transform my Mercedes Vito into the […]


What should be a SUV?

A wrong denomination . What we call a Sport Utility Vehicle isn’t one. This is kind of a 4WD made of plastic with a small loading capacity. How can such a vehicle be considered as a Sport Utility Vehicle? Here’s come an interesting mission for me: Developing an authentic SUV fully functional to meet the […]