Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Mount Field NP: The best way to spend a sunny day!


We just came back from Frenchmans Cap at the end of the week. I’m glad to remove my wet shoes after four days in the wilderness ! However the washing machine and the feeling to have dry feet will wait a little bit longer. Tomorrow the Sun will shine in a clear blue sky before to turn to the rain the next day. It would be a pity to stay inside !

Furthermore we have all the gear we need for another bushwalk, so we ask to the persons who landed their equipment to us if we can keep it two more days to go to Mount Field National Park, which they accept.

Mount-Field_national-park_bush-and-snow.With Eliane, we rente a care with Thrifty to drive to Mount Field National Park. The aim of the day will be to reach Mount Field West before to continue our loop to Twilight Tarn Hut where we’ll spend the night. We’ll be back to the car park the next day at 10am with a drizzling weather.

The clear blue sky allows us to see far away. We even see the mist above the river nearby Hobart that we went through an hour ago. Nonetheless it’s cold with the presence of frost on trees and plants. We will mainly walk on beautiful orange boulders with sometimes snow or frost on the surface. The view is uninterrupted on the tarns and Mount Field National Park. The clear sky will turn to grey and windy for lunch (we won’t reach Mount Field West but Naturalist Peak for this reason) before to get clear again after we crossed several wetlands between K Col Shelter and Watcher Peak.


Mount-Field_national-park_frozen-puddles.We are not surprised to see many puddles with plants stuck in ice. A boardwalk goes above many puddles in the middle of the orange boudlers with at the background the mountains of Mount Field National Park and a hatched sky filtering the sunbeams. We are way better here than in town or a warm place for sure! We’ll end this walk just before twilight at Twilight Tarn Hut were we get ready for diner as quick as possible and go to sleep no long after at 8pm.

The next morning, we’ll only wake up at 8am in reason of a low daylight that leaves us think the sunrise is not here yet. We will end our loop under the drizzle on a fast track to reach our car two hours later.

It was the last time my feet stayed wet and ultimate adventure in Tasmania. I’m already missing this place. I hope my future will lead me here again !


WTOE: Mount Field West_Tasmania


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