Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Best Android Smartphone: LG G2


Smartphones and Travel don’t like each other


Usually a real traveller doesn’t spend too much time on a smartphone.

First of all he/she is always busy to do some amazing activities: swimming with turtles or dolphins, skydiving, participating in a crazy race, … All these amazing things don’t take place in the best environments for a Smartphone.

Secondly a real traveller spends time with people because if he/she is travelling, it’s mainly to discover another cultures and populations. She/he is here to share face to face.

Moreover, if you really need to find an Internet access with a computer to share all your adventures with your family and friends, you can usually find access, especially in cities. Remembering also that a smartphone is only useful when you can get an excellent network cover.

Another downfail is the poor battery life for 95% of the Smartphones on the market: 1 day maximum. If you want more, you pay more (to get a smartphone) and carry more in batteries.


Finally, regarding the country you expect to discover, some are safe others are not. In many poor countries, a smartphone is of great value and its value can afford them a better quality of life if someone “find one”.

.These are only some (of many) reasons that only a few travelers carry a Smartphone. So why do some travellers have one if other travellers deem them unnecessary?

How Smartphones and Travel can like each other

smartphone-and-travel_4Aside from the negative points above, a smartphone is an amazing device for other things:

  • Taking notes
  • Taking pictures (well…a happy snap)
  • Taking video (well…you won’t watch them)
  • Listening your music (when you are or want to be alone)
  • Communicate for free (with Wifi) or for a small cost
  • Internet on your smartphone everywhere in the town area (local SIM Card)
  • Finding you new and locally useful Apps
  • All-in-one camera/map/book/computer/diary/…./


Why did I choose to have a smartphone?

I have a smartphone because I am not travelling 100% of the time. I have a blog and several professional projects. I must stay connected with the professional world and not only with people around me.

Because I work a lot via Internet, I also have an Apple Macbook Air mid-2012. I prefer to work in a quiet atmosphere far away from cybercafés. My smartphone provides me with Internet access anywhere with cell coverage. The ultrabook also means I don’t need a phablet (phone tablet) or a touchscreen tablet.

I use my Smartphone as a WIFI access portal for my ultrabook, so I need a smartphone with an incredible battery life. I wouldn’t get a “phablet”  because it is too big for one hand. I will consider taking a tablet instead of an ultrabook when I will travel in poor country where Objects of value give a better chance being mugged.

I’ve found that only one smartphone currently on the market fulfills my needs; LG’s flagship. The G2.


Why is the LG G2 the best Smartphone?

LG-G2_smartphone-and-travel.The LG G2’s battery can last 3 to 4 days when I use it as a “normal phone”. My old Sagem My X3-2 had the same life with only a phone function eight years ago!

When I activate several functions (GPS, Wifi, Data connection, hotspot, camera) I use 95% of LG G2’s battery in two days. The average on the market is one day.

Moreover the LG G2 is powerful, excellent in photography (for a smartphone), plays any kind of music files, has a big clear screen and LG now continuously listens to it’s customers for refinements. The LG G2 is full of useful functions (Wireless storage, multi-tasks, Q slide) making life easier to stay organized and take notes.

In the Smartphone World, LG is trying to catch Apple and Samsung. LG wants to come back to their level of excellence. That means LG has to provide updates faster than others, must have an excellent customer service and select the latest tech components (processor, RAM, screen) inside  it’s devices. LG is definitely on its way back with the G2.


I should also note that LG is an important global player in development of white goods, kitchen appliances, inverters and televisions ( currently the best OLED screen on the market). My point is that this LG G2 will be able to control and manage your home systems including kitchen appliances, white goods and digital entertainement (WIFI, Bluetooth, InfraRed) when they stay in LG’s Universe such as Apple, the only difference being LG’s Universe is much wider.


How do I use my LG G2?

smartphone-and-travel_8I use it especially to:

  • Take notes day and night
  • Check my professional e-mail accounts
  • Keep my To Do List up to date
  • Share status on FB, Twitter and Google+ for my followers
  • Update Currency rates
  • Online Banking “securely”
  • Manage my Budget
  • Create an Internet Hotspot for my ultrabook (Google, Skype)
  • Activate the GPS and my navigation tools (online and offline)
  • Find an accommodation for free

 I also use my LG G2 as a camera when my compact camera has a flat battery. This smartphone allows me to work from any place after a (3 hour) recharge two or three times a week. If I would like to do the same without my LG G2, my ultrabook would be a lot less versatile and useful AND my backpack would be full of:

  • Pens and Notebooks
  • Topographic maps
  • Navigation equipment (GPS, Compass)

and the recording of my leisure and professional activities would be far less comprehensive. .

Am I scared of being robbed?

Currently I’m in Australia and soon in South East Asia. Both are relatively safe. But when I’ll travel to South America or Africa, I won’t take my Macbook Air. However I will take this LG G2, my compact camera , a tablet and a big sd card.

Even with these low value devices, they will still hold relatively high value to the locals of the area I visit, so I still need to be aware of my environment as always.