Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports
Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

SoundMAGIC E10: Best in-ear headphones under €30


I like music a lot and if I can’t hear every single instrument accurately, I prefer not listening. In this search for a pair of really good quality/price headphones, I’ve tried many of them under AUD $60 (web store selling price): Sennheiser 550/CX300/HD 650 and Jays V-Jays.

The V-Jays are excellent headphones. Unfortunately after 3 years of intense use, it couldn’t follow me anymore during my adventures around the world.

I have a preference for a pair of in-ear headphones because I’m always in movement or in a noisy environment. They are smaller, they are lighter and also easier to carry. Therefore I’ve limited my search for this kind of headphones.

I don’t really want to invest hundreds of dollars in an excellent pair of headphones because I know I will break the cable in less than 3 years.

soundmagic-e10_whats-hifi_worldtour-outdoorexperienceUsually to find a good pair of headphones, I have a look on “Digital Versus but this time this blog couldn’t fulfill my needs with the different headphones tested. As a result, I directly had a look on Google with the request “Best headphones under 50 2014”. It’s how I discovered the brand SoundMAGIC and its bestseller headphones: the E10, twice rewarded by the professional review What Hi-Fi and many more professional audio bloggers whom can’t find any cons about the SoundMAGIC E10 at this out standing price.



After reading many good reviews (from professional and from customers) about these SoundMAGIC E10, I decided to give them a go. For less than AUD $35 on Ebay, I wasn’t taking a huge risk.


Excellent building materials

First of all the construction of these headphones is out standing since you get an aluminium body receiving the drivers (for less than AUD $40!). A small hole underneath allows the driver to reproduce deep and punchy bass while limiting the power required to activate the driver. The cable seems strong enough to resist some bad manipulations. Last but not least, an excellent and small case is included as well as 8 different pairs of plug to fit the headphones to your ears.



An audio reproduction worth 10 times the price!

soundMAGIC-E10_equalizer_worldtour-outdoorexperienceThe audio restitution of these headphones is not flat but easy enough to correct. I’m not a sound engineer but you can reduce the 250mhz band to -5dB to reduce the fatness without loosing the kick and the deepness of the low frequencies. A little boost bit between 2khz-8khz (between +1dB to +3dB) provides a wider spectrum and gives more space to the medium and treble. Also, I reduced the master volume to avoid saturation. On the right hand side, here is my settings:
During my training, the rubber pads hold perfectly the SoundMagic E10 in my ears and they only pop off if I pull on the cable.`



For less than AUD $35 on Ebay, you won’t find any competitors that can challenge these SoundMAGIC E10 regarding their out standing construction, audio quality and durability.



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