Jindabyne: Mountain Bike Spirit


jindabyne_nsw_mountain-biking_trails_worldtour-outdoorexperienceAfter 3 days hitch-hiking, I reached Jindabyne. This village is just lovely with is huge lake surrounded by hills. At this time of year, there isn’t a lot of people, that’s a fact. But I’ve met the cream of the cream. In Jindy, they look after each other. When I arrived, I went straight to the Banjo bar to taste the local beer (Kosciuszko) and to find someone with who to talk to. It took me only one beer and a half to meet Paul and then Jakes, CC, Cody and Tomy.

It’s this last guy who accepted to receive me for a couple of night. Even better, he pushed me to participate to a karaoke the next night. I laughed a lot and I went to sleep in the middle of the night with all these great friends.


2 days later, it was time for me to discover the trails around Jindy. It’s how I met Nicolas, a Swiss guy living here for 20 years and who has a bike store: Sacred Ride. We chatted a solid hour about everything before I went to explore the east side of Jindabyne. It was a bit bored to do it alone but I had a really good time!


WTOE: Mountain Biking around Jindabyne


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