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Julien DIOT: Globeblogger in Outdoor Sports

Best Free Off Line Android App for Navigation: Here


A free offline navigation App for Android follow-up:


I heard about Here for Android devices the first month it came out on the PlayStore. Even before that, I read some positive reviews on the blog N°1 when it’s time looking for electronic devices: Digital Versus. However, Here Beta version for Android didn’t work on my LG G2 until a recent app update. Nokia Windows phone’s owners don’t have many apps available on their Windows Store but at least Nokia developed this excellent one.Since I’m a worldwide fellow traveler, I’m going to explain you why this free offline navigation app is more than welcome.



Why Here is complementary to Orux Maps and vice versa?


Orux Maps is the best free offline topographic map available for Android devices. Nonetheless Orux Maps doesn’t do itineraries. With the location turned on, Orux Maps shows you where you are but calculating an itinerary between two points isn’t possible yet. Moreover when you’re in a big city, Orux Maps isn’t easy to read because there are too many informations displayed (topographic maps).

Until now I had two options to go somewhere: asking my way to the locals or connecting my LG G2 to an internet/3-4G network to use Google Maps. Google Maps could have been great if its function “ok map” allowed to save in cash memory a wider area. Even though saving a map is possible, Google Maps doesn’t  calculate itinerary offline. For all these reason Here is the best solution, hence the best offline navigation app.

First of all you can download free offline maps to cover all the countries you want. Those maps are easy to read regardless the zoom level. Here will only display informations you need. It makes sense you need enough space memory to download and install those offline maps tho.


Once you have installed the map of your choice, turn on your GPS or enter an address and then fill up the second address field. Then, Here does the job for you. It will show you the best way to reach your destination if you’re walking or driving a car. Here will also display the theoretical arrival time (in function of your speed and traffic informations if you’re connected to internet).

Here_searchIf you go the wrong way, this free offline navigation app will modify the previous itinary and make a new one to reach your destination.



A positive future


Despite all these positives arguments, Here cannot realize miracles. When you go off the beaten tracks, this free offline navigation app won’t be able to help you since it doesn’t have 100% of the road network for each location, especially third world countries. In that case or when you’re on single tracks, Orux maps will be your best bet.

Since a few days, Here is not a Beta version anymore. Its real potential is unleashed and I let you discover all the new features brought by talented developers.

Other free Android Navigation App

If HERE doesn’t do a job good enough for you, you can have a look at these 6 other free Android navigation and GPS app. Some of them require data, but all can be used Off-line.

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