How and Why do I travel? 7




My name is Julien, I’m 24 years old and I decided to travel the world for the next 7 years.

I have a master degree in Action Sports obtained with honors at Bordeaux Segalen University relocated to Bayonne. Once my studies done, I worked a few months in a marketing agency but this one couldn’t offer me a full-time employment.

The manager suggested me to travel around the world to improve my communication and language skills which were my weakness to start an international career.



Now, I am facing a choice. This is the end of my student life and the professional world awaits me.

Meanwhile I wouldn’t travel without a project in relationship with my  field of expertise built other the past three years.

It must be a solution…

Traveling without leaving my professional environment.


I have decided to realize this travel with equipment from my partners in relation with my professional aim, focus on action, outdoor sports and travel.

Before I’ve never really travelled outside of France, just been a few weeks in Spain since I live in Bayonne. That’s all. As a result, I will have to discover french processing to get every documents before my flight.

Through this blog I will relate my trip, where and how I will go and how the products from my partners will stand the test of time. I’ll post some pictures, video and new reports too.

I start this adventure on November, 22nd  2012 in Australia. I will stay other there more than one year to discover New-Zealand and Tasmania at the same time. After a long trip on this huge island, may be I will go back in Europe through Asia and East of Europe before to plan a trip in South America. But I don’t really know precisely what I will do or where I will go. The plans change all the time when you are experiencing Freedom.

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