Aspe and Baretous valley


These two valleys are  simply a paradise for Enduro mountain bike.

This mixture of valleys, colors and summits go perfectly together with the summertime and the coolness of altitude, when the temperature in other region exceed 30 °C in the shade.

riding-the-crestYou will say me: “It’s wrong, the mountain bike paradise in France is in the Alps”. I’m not agree. The Enduro Mountain Bike has its own spirit, as each field of Mountain Bike (knowing there are more than 10 currently!).


These two valleys are stayed wild of human beings laying out which attracting more than more passionate mountain bikers in mountain resorts who rinding downhill bikes and researching adrenalin, clearing and speed .

Here, we talk about the spirit of Mountain Biking not only one of its facets.

Those where we take the time to climb to admirate wonderful landscapes each one more beautiful than the last (in condition you are in peak form without which you will see only the soil!) before downhill very quickly and to use incredible tracks shaped by animals and rain erosion.

village-mountain-bikeNotable things, in addition to use funny tracks, technics and well shaped by nature, you won’t find any hiker!

Through my club BIKIKOZ, I had the chance to meet many people who love the mountain.


Besides, it was two persons passionnate by outdoor sports who are Mountain bike coach and the creators of Enduro plaisir association (organisateur du Trophée des Pyrénées de VTT enduro) who made us discover these beautiful tracks well hidden in which we take a crazy pleasure!


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