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Grasshopper Guide: The first 10 days

The Grasshopper Travel is like an online version of Lonely Planet. The concept is to present in every languages different businesses and resorts along the East coast during a 40 days trip from Cairns to Sydney (or on the other way) with plenty activities for a good value. In exchange, each « Grasshopper » (name given to […]

The real adventure starts soon!

I have a job, a houseshare with an english couple really friendly  and a bike. Now I can focus on my project. For the 2 next months I will have a casual life: Work, Eat, Sleep with some parties in city. It cannot be easy to do better with a busy work planning (48 to […]

Deux séries françaises sur France 5 pour voyager autrement

Currently, France 5 broadcasts every Thursday from 08:35 pm two french series about new ways of travelling: “Nus et culottés” and “des trains pas comme les autres”. Nus et Culottés “Nus et Culottés” is an adventure of two wandering friends (Nans & Mouts) who travel completely naked, without anything. They count on the kindness of […]