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Jindabyne: Mountain Bike Spirit

After 3 days hitch-hiking, I reached Jindabyne. This village is just lovely with is huge lake surrounded by hills. At this time of year, there isn’t a lot of people, that’s a fact. But I’ve met the cream of the cream. In Jindy, they look after each other. When I arrived, I went straight to […]

Magnetic Island: MTB and Koalas

. After Mission Beach we reached Townsville, the largest tropical city in Queensland. The place is lovely with its marina, its beautiful lookout from Castle Hill and also Magnetic Island you can reach by ferry. It was expensive ($32/person) but the island discovered by Captain Cook and his spinning compass crazy is a really nice […]

Cape Tribulation: Pure water, rainforrest and Mountains

Last weekend after a busy week of work between e-mails, articles, video and partnerships, I decided to have a break outside Cairns. Kaleigh was feeling trapped too. Her week was hard but her determination was rewarded by a job on a diving boat. Friday night, we decided to go somewhere the next day just after […]

Test: Camping Stove Primus Mimer Duo

Using time: 45 days It’s a really good one because the surface of contact is wide with the pan. Also it’s simple in conception, strong and reliable with a wind stopper underneath. . . Compact Wind stopper Stability for cooking Powerful and gas efficient . Weight Volume . . . Remark: I use it with […]